Thursday, August 6, 2009


OK, yesterday was such a roller coaster of emotions, from my mom crying hysterically (while on the phone with Dish network, by the way!), to people NOT believing me, and no to mention the millions of butterflies that swarmed in my stomach! Yesterday was crazy, but really funny.

9:30Am- Me and Alisha went to the hospital for my ultrasound. We found out it was a girl so I called Josh and then called the T-shirt guy (which happens to be friends of the senior Longs) I had already spoke with his previously about our plans to surprise our parents with the shirt, so he was just waiting for me to call and tell him if it was a boy or girl. I went to work and told everyone. They, of course thought it was a joke. But they were easier to convince than our

11:30 Me and Josh went to lunch. I was getting so anxious about telling everyone ... I just couldn't eat! It was those butterflies!

12:30 We picked up the shirt, I'll post some pictures later... it was sooo adorable. Then I headed to get rilyn (which was at my moms house) When I got to my moms, my mom was on the phone griping at dish network. Apparently something happened to the satellite, and she was pissed! So I snuck the shirt on Rilyn and I said... "Go show Mimi your shirt!"...............Well, right in the middle of her griping to Dish she stared screaming.. " OH, MY GOD!!" and balling! I was kinda scared they were calling the police or something, the way she was acting. and I think she forgot she was on the phone with them for like... 3 minutes or Well... then she sobbingly explained to Dish what had happened and.. then she said.." Well ...(sniffle), if your going to charge me, (sniffle).. then I (sniffle) am switching companies...." I was cracking up. It was hilarious!

Then it was time to surprise the Longs!
I took Rilyn to the print shop (since Sarah, Ronnie, and robin were at lunch) and we waited, and waited... THEN we noticed Robins camcorder! HA! So we decided to record their reaction!! And after lots of waiting they finally came back from lunch! First Ronnie walked in.... he picked rilyn up, talked to her for a bit, saw Josh with the camera in his face. Said hi to everyone and walked to his desk. He had no clue. And I was laughing so hard I could barely breath! Then Robin came in .. .saw Rilyn and read her shirt. and had a puzzled look on her face. And said "nuh uh.... y'all are kidding!" Apparently she thought we had bought the shirt at a garage sale and decided to play a joke on After promising it was true, she got super excited! The Sarah came strolling in after Robin. and I think she was pretty shocked too! She sent Rachel a picture of Rilyn in her shirt and there was silence on the other side. She thought we were playing a joke on her too. Finally she called us... and well... she was super surprised and happy too. :)

Then lastly, there was my Dad and brother.. they stopped by our house after work and my brother came in first, picked up Rilyn. Said "Oh your getting a sister for Christmas" That's a cute shirt. ....... He didn't even catch what it said or that it was TRUE. lol... my Dad did by the way, but didn't believe i was that far along. He was so sure I couldn't of kept it a secret for that

So yesterday was CRAZY! Full of excitement and tears of joy!