Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Ribear has been sick :(

Rilyn has been sick this week. Shes had a runny nose and fever. :( Poor baby. She woke up last night at 2AM and she said she was "tersty" So I went and fixed her a drink... she was WIDE awake. She wondered around the room abit... found a pair of boys (children's) red sun glasses. Where these came from, I have no idea! Anyway-She wore them for a while, then came back to bed. She insisted I ware them... not for a second, or a few minutes. Until she fell asleep!! I had to lay down with her with the very, very small sun glasses on and try to get her to go to sleep! Believe me, I tried taking them off a few times and she screamed like a crazy kid!lol... I was so tired...and I ended up falling asleep with those things on....i think I still have the in print in my head today! Its amazing what you'll do for your kids...
I just hope my baby gets to feeling better!