Thursday, August 6, 2009

Its a.... GIRL!!

Just like I've suspected the WHOLE time! :) Thank the Lord its a girly-girl. I was sooo... wise and I saved everything from when Rilyn was little so I'm excited. If it was a boy, I'd be in big trouble. I'd need EVERYTHING AGAIN, so we are thrilled its a girl :) Rilyn was born in October so all of her winter clothes will fit Miss Raleigh, yes I've have decided for sure her name is Raleigh Elise, sorry Robin. :) And instead of making another nursery we have decided we might as well make Rilyn a new big girl room, since she will need one in a few years anyway. Her room is still set for nursery, so we are good to go! It is just so adorable anyway, I didnt want to change Rilyn's new big girl room is going to be zebra and pink, I've already got it all planned out, it is going to be AWESOME! Cant wait to get started on that project!!