Monday, August 3, 2009

Hallelujah, its MONDAY!

Thank GOD its Monday! I've never been so happy to wake up on a Monday morning in my life! :D This means only (2) days until we find out what Squirt is!...Get it?...Squirt!LOL, I crack myself up!

Oh yeah, by the way-- my Mom had this urge to cook dinner at my house and invite the senior Longs over as well ( I'm not complaining) Anyway, I call Robin to invite her and the first thing out of this woman's mouth is ..."are you pregnant?"... I am beginning to think these two are playing tricks on me.. I think they both know and decided to plan this get together at my house and constantly talk about us reproducing (which they did!) To make us.. i I don't know.....suffer?... Torture us??... Make us just blurt it out so they'd shut up, which I could of easily did! I was running out of excused NOT to have another baby right now... its like they were ganging up on me! I felt like I was competing in the great debate or something..... and I was losing!

Oh--Good news.. guess which little princess is sleeping in her own bed?? Rilyn!! :) Well she did last night anyway, we bought her a bed to go in our room and put it next to ours and last night we just laid her down in it and watched mickey mouse and .... BAM!!! She was knocked out!!! And she slept all night, by the way!... I didn't though... its weird sleeping without my baby snuggle bunny! I'm proud of her though.. So today I'm going to buy her a special surprise for being a big girl!