Monday, August 31, 2009

Our 1st visit to Old McDonald's Farm...

I decided a few months ago to have Rilyn's 2nd birthday at Old Mcdonald's Farm because she LOVES animals. I booked it for her birthday... then realized. I'd never been. And I had no clue what it was like... So we decided to visit the Farm before her party. It was the PERFECT place to have a birthday party! From the party pavilions you can see the whole park. Its small, but not too small. All the animals were super friendly, the deer wonder around and will come right up to you! Rilyn was impressed! Every time we'd pass an animal she'd make the sound they make... the sheep... baah.... cow... moo... it was so cute. She didn't want to leave. She didn't even want to get off of the pony. She started to cry and I said he had to go take a nap... so she said night-night. I really couldn't take too many pictures because it seemed we were the only people there that bought food to feed the animals. We bought one little bag of food and apparently they hadn't ate that day because they ALL followed us around! It was funny. We had about 100 pigeons, and 4 deer trailing us! One of deer was so hungry that he grabbed the bag of food from me and ate the bag and everything! lol...

A sneak peak...

This weekend we really got down to business on Rilyns new big girl room... before this room was my office and the walls were tan. We are by no means finished, but this will give you an idea on how fabulous it will be!!:)

The walls after we painted them..

My lower wall design...

Bling, bling!

Book cases we bought. I painted the zebra inside ..... cute huh?..

The fan... ugly....

Nothing a little spray paint and TLC cant fix!

Now a zebra fan!! I searched for new globes but lowes and wall mart had nothing I was looking for. So for now this is it. $2 for spray paint and the leftover black paint from the walls!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Laney joined us for gymnastics today!

My sweet neice laney is down for the week so I wanted to take her to Rilyns gymnastic class! I knew she'd love it and have a blast... here are some pictures!
The girls in the foam pit...

Walking the beam with my mom..

The giant trampoline...Rilyn

And Laney ....

The girls running around like wild animals!

Laney walking trying not to get bit by the sharks...

My master rolling machine....

Rilyn was amazed with the sharks... I said hurry go before you get bit... she stuck her foot down and said"... (gasp) Oh no! The shark bite me!...Ouch!...Nonoshark!!"

Laney had a blast!

These pictures are out of order... here is the girls warming up...


Waiting for class to beautiful are they...

Thursday, August 20, 2009

As promised...

Rilyn in her gymnastics leotard.. isn't she soo... cute!!!

Nothin' fits, Im tired, and I want some GOOD honey mustard!

This pregnancy is really starting to wear me out. I'm constantly tired! It seems I can never get enough sleep! I went to bed at 9 last night and I could barely drag myself out of bed this morning... And I'm yawning as we speak! None of my clothes fit... well few do, but i can wear the same thing EVERY week. Its hard to find the 'right' out fit. Usually if it fits I don't look pregnant I look obese! I cant go shopping because all I want to buy is BABY CLOTHES. Its like an addiction. Everything I see I have to have. And if I dont I can come up with a reason, real quick. I'm constantly hungry. When I'm starving, I cant really eat. Its weird. Its like my stomach shrunk. I start to eat and then BAM all the sudden I'm full. Then 2hrs later I'm hungry again. I'm starting to only want fruit-like things. Fruit punch, fruit snacks, FRUIT!..Oh and cashews too! I loove me some cashews. Ive got to go, talking about this is really making me hungry.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Our 2nd and LAST garage sale....

Saturday we had a garage sale. It was a disaster. Everything was prices .25-.50 except for a few items. And yet we made about $40.00. We had too much left over! It was a waste of time to move that junk into the heat... wait... and move it back in. It is all getting donated.

Change of story---

Rilyn has started calling Josh "Daddy-o" it is too cute! She loves to copy him too... its funny. She has sure been a daddy's girl these last few days...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Pregnancy week 21

So, we are over half way to baby Raigen! NOW it feels like time is dragging!! Maybe, we should of tried to keep it a secret longer.. It seems it went by faster when it was a secret! This weekend we plan on having a garage sale Saturday... I'm cleaning out and getting rid of EVERYTHING. If I haven't used it in a year or don't plan to use it within a year, its going bye-bye. I guess you can say I'm Sunday Josh is painting Rilyn's new room... yippy! We are also installing chair rail around the room and 2 built-in book cases. Hopefully that will be done this weekend too. Her room is going to be freakin' awesome, I really need to take some before and after pictures! So a busy-busy weekend is what we have!!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Ribear has been sick :(

Rilyn has been sick this week. Shes had a runny nose and fever. :( Poor baby. She woke up last night at 2AM and she said she was "tersty" So I went and fixed her a drink... she was WIDE awake. She wondered around the room abit... found a pair of boys (children's) red sun glasses. Where these came from, I have no idea! Anyway-She wore them for a while, then came back to bed. She insisted I ware them... not for a second, or a few minutes. Until she fell asleep!! I had to lay down with her with the very, very small sun glasses on and try to get her to go to sleep! Believe me, I tried taking them off a few times and she screamed like a crazy kid!lol... I was so tired...and I ended up falling asleep with those things on....i think I still have the in print in my head today! Its amazing what you'll do for your kids...
I just hope my baby gets to feeling better!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Its Raigen Elise ♥

And I'm for sure this time! lol... I love the name!!! So give up on the name suggestions people, you are driving me nuts! :)

Monday, August 10, 2009

Garage Sale Goodies!!

I am sooo... addicted to garage sales now! Saturday I ventured down to spring to check out the garage sales (they are so much better there, the neighborhoods are close and there are 3-4 garage sales in one neighborhood!) Me and Rachel woke up at 7 am, we probably hit 30 garage sales. I was in search of a double stroller.... that's about the only thing I didn't find though...bummer. Anyway- I did get a giant hot pink, lips-shaped chair that will go PERFECT in Rilyns room, $3!! I got 2 packs of men's socks, never opened for $1!! AND a Chanel purse that looks brand-new for $12! and thats not even the start of what I got! I was in heaven this weekend! I got tons of stuff at great deals! AND after we finished with the garage sales we hit up some resale shops, then went home for a nap, woke up and went to Kholes and hobby lobby!

I'm ready for next weekend Rachel! :)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Change of plans...

I'm starting to think Raleigh is too close to Rilyn.. with the R and the L sound. SO... I'm really liking the name Raigen!! I've liked this name from the start but, Josh liked Raleigh better. However, he is coming around to Raigen now!:) So who knows what we'll end up namin her... its a toss up... Raleigh or Raigen.... hmmm....

I'm beginning to wish we wouldn't of told anyone...

Thursday, August 6, 2009


OK, yesterday was such a roller coaster of emotions, from my mom crying hysterically (while on the phone with Dish network, by the way!), to people NOT believing me, and no to mention the millions of butterflies that swarmed in my stomach! Yesterday was crazy, but really funny.

9:30Am- Me and Alisha went to the hospital for my ultrasound. We found out it was a girl so I called Josh and then called the T-shirt guy (which happens to be friends of the senior Longs) I had already spoke with his previously about our plans to surprise our parents with the shirt, so he was just waiting for me to call and tell him if it was a boy or girl. I went to work and told everyone. They, of course thought it was a joke. But they were easier to convince than our

11:30 Me and Josh went to lunch. I was getting so anxious about telling everyone ... I just couldn't eat! It was those butterflies!

12:30 We picked up the shirt, I'll post some pictures later... it was sooo adorable. Then I headed to get rilyn (which was at my moms house) When I got to my moms, my mom was on the phone griping at dish network. Apparently something happened to the satellite, and she was pissed! So I snuck the shirt on Rilyn and I said... "Go show Mimi your shirt!"...............Well, right in the middle of her griping to Dish she stared screaming.. " OH, MY GOD!!" and balling! I was kinda scared they were calling the police or something, the way she was acting. and I think she forgot she was on the phone with them for like... 3 minutes or Well... then she sobbingly explained to Dish what had happened and.. then she said.." Well ...(sniffle), if your going to charge me, (sniffle).. then I (sniffle) am switching companies...." I was cracking up. It was hilarious!

Then it was time to surprise the Longs!
I took Rilyn to the print shop (since Sarah, Ronnie, and robin were at lunch) and we waited, and waited... THEN we noticed Robins camcorder! HA! So we decided to record their reaction!! And after lots of waiting they finally came back from lunch! First Ronnie walked in.... he picked rilyn up, talked to her for a bit, saw Josh with the camera in his face. Said hi to everyone and walked to his desk. He had no clue. And I was laughing so hard I could barely breath! Then Robin came in .. .saw Rilyn and read her shirt. and had a puzzled look on her face. And said "nuh uh.... y'all are kidding!" Apparently she thought we had bought the shirt at a garage sale and decided to play a joke on After promising it was true, she got super excited! The Sarah came strolling in after Robin. and I think she was pretty shocked too! She sent Rachel a picture of Rilyn in her shirt and there was silence on the other side. She thought we were playing a joke on her too. Finally she called us... and well... she was super surprised and happy too. :)

Then lastly, there was my Dad and brother.. they stopped by our house after work and my brother came in first, picked up Rilyn. Said "Oh your getting a sister for Christmas" That's a cute shirt. ....... He didn't even catch what it said or that it was TRUE. lol... my Dad did by the way, but didn't believe i was that far along. He was so sure I couldn't of kept it a secret for that

So yesterday was CRAZY! Full of excitement and tears of joy!

Its a.... GIRL!!

Just like I've suspected the WHOLE time! :) Thank the Lord its a girly-girl. I was sooo... wise and I saved everything from when Rilyn was little so I'm excited. If it was a boy, I'd be in big trouble. I'd need EVERYTHING AGAIN, so we are thrilled its a girl :) Rilyn was born in October so all of her winter clothes will fit Miss Raleigh, yes I've have decided for sure her name is Raleigh Elise, sorry Robin. :) And instead of making another nursery we have decided we might as well make Rilyn a new big girl room, since she will need one in a few years anyway. Her room is still set for nursery, so we are good to go! It is just so adorable anyway, I didnt want to change Rilyn's new big girl room is going to be zebra and pink, I've already got it all planned out, it is going to be AWESOME! Cant wait to get started on that project!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Great games!

Hallelujah, its MONDAY!

Thank GOD its Monday! I've never been so happy to wake up on a Monday morning in my life! :D This means only (2) days until we find out what Squirt is!...Get it?...Squirt!LOL, I crack myself up!

Oh yeah, by the way-- my Mom had this urge to cook dinner at my house and invite the senior Longs over as well ( I'm not complaining) Anyway, I call Robin to invite her and the first thing out of this woman's mouth is ..."are you pregnant?"... I am beginning to think these two are playing tricks on me.. I think they both know and decided to plan this get together at my house and constantly talk about us reproducing (which they did!) To make us.. i I don't know.....suffer?... Torture us??... Make us just blurt it out so they'd shut up, which I could of easily did! I was running out of excused NOT to have another baby right now... its like they were ganging up on me! I felt like I was competing in the great debate or something..... and I was losing!

Oh--Good news.. guess which little princess is sleeping in her own bed?? Rilyn!! :) Well she did last night anyway, we bought her a bed to go in our room and put it next to ours and last night we just laid her down in it and watched mickey mouse and .... BAM!!! She was knocked out!!! And she slept all night, by the way!... I didn't though... its weird sleeping without my baby snuggle bunny! I'm proud of her though.. So today I'm going to buy her a special surprise for being a big girl!