Monday, July 13, 2009

We find out on August 3rd! Still a secret!

That's only 3 week away!!! OMG!
I have to stay busy.
I have to keep my mind off of this!

We have decided that when we find out what we are having we are going to get Rilyn a shirt made that says 'I'm getting a baby brother/sister for CHRISTMAS' since our due date is Dec 26Th. And we are going to put it on her and ask both parents over for dinner and Rilyn will be running around wearing the shirt! We are also going to have a video camera set up to see how long it takes them to realize what her shirt says! Its going to be hilarious!!! Then we are still going to send out our announcement cards to everyone else... hopefully there will be someone out there that will get a surprise (if our parents dint ruin it by telling everyone under the sun!lol)