Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rilyn's dreams have came true

Well,... we woke up yesterday morning and found a kitten on our back deck! How it got there, we have no idea! Poor thing was scared to death! i told Josh we needed to get rid of it before rilyn woke up.... well we felt bad so we brought it in to feed it, it was sooo skinny. josh left for work.. then what else.... Rilyn wakes up! She took one look at it and said " Oh Thank you Mama!" .... So I broke down and let her name it. I called Josh and asked him what we should do... He said has she seen it?...And I said you mean has she seen Swipper?...Yes 'its' name is Swipper. She loves....... Swipper! After that Josh said we have to keep it. So after going to walmart and spending $55 on cat crap... litter box... food... litter...ect. I now decided i cant have an animal living in the house. So Swipper is an outside cat. It slept on the deck last night and when we woke up, it was still there. So to tally them all up, Rilyn has one dog, Bailey, a fish, Bubbles, and a new kitten, Swipper! These should keep her occupied for a while, at least I hope so! I just cant tell that little Princess no about anything.