Thursday, July 23, 2009

I think I just had a slight heart-attack!!!

WELL... we (me, Alisha, Leanna, and Shannan) we're all sitting in the office chatting .... about what else... birth control/pregnancy, and Shannan asked if I was on birth control... well I told the truth and said no. She said " are you sure you dint have a bun in the oven!?"..................... then I had my heart-attack! It was a mild one so I didnt bother going to the doctor and luckily I was only eating skittles, because I swallowed one whole! Any thing bigger.. and they'd be doing the Heimlich on a 4 1/2 month pregnant woman!lol... You see what I mean?!... this is why I'm going CRAZY! she could of picked another phrase.. but a bun in the oven?.. this is really freaking me out. I cant take much more of this. So, I told her... you'd know if I was pregnant... Alisha said 'nu uh.. you didn't tell us until you were 3 months last time"...

I'm just Glad the subject changed... I think the phone rang or something. So I jetted to my office to the blog! :)