Friday, July 31, 2009

God, this is not funny.

I'm devastated.

I went to my doctors appointment today.

They wouldn't schedule my ultrsound today.

I'm super-duper mad.

I cannot hold this in any longer.

I'm tired of walking around suckin' in my stomach all the dang time.

This is not fun.

My ultrasound is Wednesday! Thats a whole 5 freakinn' days/4 sleepless nights....

I must have done something and really ticked God off... or maybe he just needed a good laugh. But to me, this is not funny God. Not funny at all.

I wish I could sleep until Wednesday.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Rilyn is 21 Months Old and can count to 10!!!

BY HERSELF!! My baby is a genius!! :D
AND she knows ALL of her colors!

Whatever you do, don't BBQ on a Wednesday night!

So yesterday Josh decides at 4 that he wants to BBQ ribs on the grill and he invited his parents over. He calls me at 4 and tells me this by the way, oh and that everyone will be to our house at 5. So I left work and rushed to walmart to get the stuff for Bobby Flay to cook. Anyway, i thought...I'll call my mom and see if they want to come over too. So... I called my mom and she said she had already cooked dinner. Well I bought all I needed and on my way home from walmart my mom calls and said that her and my Dad decided that they were coming over to eat... weird, because she had already cooked , huh?... So about 20 minutes later my mom and dad show up..... immediately my moms says.."Are you pregnant?...." And good thing that I'm a quick thinker, I said "NO! Why?" and i immediately gasp, not because I was shocked by what she said , but because I was trying to make myself look skinnier. I thought... do I look THAT pregnant?.......Apparently she had thought that's why we were barbecuing on a Wednesday night....and even though she had cooked she didn't want to miss the BIG ANNOUNCEMENT. So that spawned a whole discussion with Robin on how we need to have another kid! And my Dad even jumped in too and said he will give me the $500.00 for my insurance deductible. We played everything off beautifully by the way! I'm sure they have no idea and I explained to her that we were having a BBQ because josh got a wild hair up his butt to have one... apparently he saw some kind of cooking show??.. Which made him want to BBQ. LOL...I kept my self composed even though I felt like I wanted to kill Josh having this BBQ ! I think the hardest part was keeping the smile off of my face for the remainder of the night, so nothing was given away. Boy are they going to be mad when we tell 'em! :)

How we have still managed to keep this a secret, I have no idea!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Guess what?...

I am sooo freakin' impatient so I decided to reschedule my doctors apt to FRIDAY instead of Monday!! Genius, I know. :) So its Friday morning at 9:45!! Now, the question is if they'll schedule my ultrasound that same day! They better... there is no freaking way I can wait the WHOLE weekend! NO WAY! I'm going nuts as it is!

Anyway, I'll letcha know how everything goes! ; )

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Rilyn's dreams have came true

Well,... we woke up yesterday morning and found a kitten on our back deck! How it got there, we have no idea! Poor thing was scared to death! i told Josh we needed to get rid of it before rilyn woke up.... well we felt bad so we brought it in to feed it, it was sooo skinny. josh left for work.. then what else.... Rilyn wakes up! She took one look at it and said " Oh Thank you Mama!" .... So I broke down and let her name it. I called Josh and asked him what we should do... He said has she seen it?...And I said you mean has she seen Swipper?...Yes 'its' name is Swipper. She loves....... Swipper! After that Josh said we have to keep it. So after going to walmart and spending $55 on cat crap... litter box... food... litter...ect. I now decided i cant have an animal living in the house. So Swipper is an outside cat. It slept on the deck last night and when we woke up, it was still there. So to tally them all up, Rilyn has one dog, Bailey, a fish, Bubbles, and a new kitten, Swipper! These should keep her occupied for a while, at least I hope so! I just cant tell that little Princess no about anything.

Another pageant!

This was her casual wear outfit me and my mom made... so cute, huh?!

By the time we were taking crowning pictures, she was ready for her nap!!

Rilyn competed in another pageant this weekend in Houston, TX. She placed 1sr alternate up out of like 16 girls. She did sooo... good! She danced on stage, waved, blew kisses!! she did the best ever! I'm bummed that she didn't get first place though! The girl who won in Rilyn's age group was a baby! She didn't even walk on stage! I guess you just never really know how these judges are going to score or what their looking for.... Here is some pictures, enjoy!! Oh, she did get a crown and sash for winning first alternate, She also won most honorable mention, so she got a trophy for that! I'm so proud of this little beauty queen!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Halter-top summer shirt I made for Rilyn...Just keepin' busy!lol..

It is black and white zebra with a coordinating black and white flower print, very cute! It looks so adorable on her with her little black capri-tights!

One week from TODAY! OMG!!

Thats 7 days!
Thats 168 hours!
Thats 10,080 Minutes!
Thats the final of the bachlorette and only 3 episodes of Big Brother away!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

I think I just had a slight heart-attack!!!

WELL... we (me, Alisha, Leanna, and Shannan) we're all sitting in the office chatting .... about what else... birth control/pregnancy, and Shannan asked if I was on birth control... well I told the truth and said no. She said " are you sure you dint have a bun in the oven!?"..................... then I had my heart-attack! It was a mild one so I didnt bother going to the doctor and luckily I was only eating skittles, because I swallowed one whole! Any thing bigger.. and they'd be doing the Heimlich on a 4 1/2 month pregnant woman!lol... You see what I mean?!... this is why I'm going CRAZY! she could of picked another phrase.. but a bun in the oven?.. this is really freaking me out. I cant take much more of this. So, I told her... you'd know if I was pregnant... Alisha said 'nu uh.. you didn't tell us until you were 3 months last time"...

I'm just Glad the subject changed... I think the phone rang or something. So I jetted to my office to the blog! :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

4th of July Pageant

Look how adorable my little firecracker looked! Her Mimi mader her this outfit. :) Too bad she CRIED the whole time!! I know your shocked too..... Rilyn has been in over 10 pageants and always places 1st or 2ND...well at this one Im surprised they gave her She did win the Princess of the Day though. Poor thing. I blame it on Lubby..jk... she didn't start crying until Lubby walked, which happened to be right before we went on stage. So then she wanted her Lubby. Oh well, I guess every princess has their off day! She has another pageant in Houston on the 26Th! So wish her luck! :)

If I had $1...

for every time someone mentioned us having another baby... I'd be rich! This is really freaking me out. Why is this the talk of everyone?!... Is everyone just playing a joke on us... do they really know?.. I mean just this weekend ... Rachel asked when are we having another one.... I was thinking... 'oh ... around Christmas time.. hehe' but instead I said... 'When Rilyn starts school.' lol...I think she totally bought it because then she stopped by our house and was telling me of a resale shop in the woodlands that I could take all my old baby stuff and they buy it from you! I just BTW~ i am starting to show! OMG... BUT I'm thinking I can hide it for now.. with looser shirts and stuff. I cant even where my blue jeans anymore... :( But I'm not gaining weight so that's good... that means its all baby. And for now, if people do start to notice... Ithink they'd just think I was gaining weight. We have 2 flippin' long weeks to go! ...sigh.... I hoping it will go by fast though. This weekend is Josh's fishing trip on the house boat and rilyn has a pageant this weekend in Houston ... so that should keep my mind off of it for this weekend. I'll keep you updated with pictures of my Lil supa star. lol...
work time!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pregancy + Mexican Food = Major Heartburn!

I'm never eating mexican food again!

Rilyn, Kiley, and Laney swimming!

Pictures from Cullin and Ashley's wedding........

Rilyn striking' a pose!

Apparently she received a funny text!

Mrs. Schulte

The best man... ♥

The bride and groom.

Say cheese for mama!

Rilyn and Mommy!

These are pictures from Cullins wedding. It was beautiful. Josh was the best man so through out the whole wedding Rilyn was saying' Daddy!...Daddy!' and just so happens while they were saying their vowels Rilyn started cracking up laughing! Toddlers and weddings don't mix. She sure was in a good mood though. At least she wasn't screaming crying for Josh the whole time!

Wednesday = Gymnastics!

Rilyn has been going to Moseley's Gym since she was 18Mths old and she loves it! She goes every Wednesday morning at 10. She is in the Diaper Monkey's Class and she is really starting to get the hang of everything!! She walks the beam....and she can roll like nobodys business! It is so cute to watch her.Today we went and she did awesome! Every week she gets better and better and she loves seeing all of the other kiddos. Who knows, she may be the next Shawn Johnson. So watch out!!! And did I mention how absolutely adorable she looks in her leotard?! It is too cute! I''ll have to post some pictures. :) But for now its WORK time. :D

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A tiny little joy....

Tiny little fingers and tiny little toes.
Our little sweet secret, few only know.

Tiny little clothes, and tiny little socks.
Soon we'll have Rilyn and real-life baby to rock.

Tiny little hugs, and tiny little kisses.
Alone time and sleep, Mommy and Daddy will be missin'.

A tiny little joy is what you'll be.
A tiny little joy to Rilyn, Daddy, and Me.

Roxie Long ♥

I think Im going nuts.

This secret is driving my NUTS... I keep thinking things to do to NOT think of the the secret. The more I think of it the more I want to tell! So far, Ive sewn Rilyn 2 dresses with matching hair bows (I'll post pictures tomorrow) My first time to use a sewing machine, by the way! And now, I guess I'm writing poetry??...Oh, and my first album will be out next , I'm kidding with that one, it is an idea though! I'm one hell of a karaoker!! I dont mean to brag... but you put on Jessica Simpson or Britney Spears and its like BAM!!! Your front row at a concert! No kidding.. I have some serious hard-core fans. (Alisha and Leanna)lol...Every time we go to the bar and there is karaoke,they totally make me sing.

As you can tell I've go to keep myself occupied!!! So tonight I'll be repainting the our house.

Theres a baby in my belly!

There's a baby in my belly, only Mommy and Daddy know.
There's a baby in my belly, uh-oh its starting to grow!

Soon they will catch on, only time will tell.
Soon they will catch on, as I really begin to swell!

Only 3 more weeks to go, is it a girl, is it a boy...
Only 3 more weeks to go, then we spread the joy!

Secrets are hard to keep, with secrets, I am no good.
Secrets are hard to keep, but this secret I wish I would.

It'll be so funny, to see the face they make.
It'll be so funny, if only I could wait.

There's a baby in my belly, only Mommy and Daddy know.
There's a baby in my belly, 3 long, long weeks to go.

Roxie Long ♥

Monday, July 13, 2009

We find out on August 3rd! Still a secret!

That's only 3 week away!!! OMG!
I have to stay busy.
I have to keep my mind off of this!

We have decided that when we find out what we are having we are going to get Rilyn a shirt made that says 'I'm getting a baby brother/sister for CHRISTMAS' since our due date is Dec 26Th. And we are going to put it on her and ask both parents over for dinner and Rilyn will be running around wearing the shirt! We are also going to have a video camera set up to see how long it takes them to realize what her shirt says! Its going to be hilarious!!! Then we are still going to send out our announcement cards to everyone else... hopefully there will be someone out there that will get a surprise (if our parents dint ruin it by telling everyone under the sun!lol)

Happy 23rd to Daddy!

Happy 23rd birthday to my hunny-bunny bear Joshua! Me, Lubby, Pappoo, Aunt Sarah-bug, and of course Daddy went to lunch at Pueblo to celebrate. They of course sang to Josh and dolled his face all up... it was funny, but scary to rilyn! She started crying! She didnt want them touching her Daddy! Oh, and did I mention ROBIN had to bring up us having Rilyn a baby brother!?... She said something about Cooper being the name... I guess shes been thinking long and hard about this... Truthfully, as much as she talks about it I beginning to think this hooker knows!! Shes starting to play mind games with us... the more she talks about it, the more it makes us want to tell! Her little evil tricks are starting to work on Josh. He called me and said "lets tell them tonight!" It was right then that I knew....... Shes trying to make us tell. She doesn't think we can keep secrets.. but guess what?! We can! HA! Try your Hocus Pocus on someone else Robin Long!

Can anyone recommend me a a good dentist for Rilyn?..

Wow, I see it now, she really DOES look just like Josh. hehe!

But, Daddy was SUPPOSE to be watching her....

I decided Sunday nite to go shopping for Josh's birthday. And while I was gone Daddy was suppose to be watching Rilyn... well, he must have took his eyes off of her for a minute or so because she managed to get my makeup bag off of my dresser and she began making herself look just as pretty as Mommy! She was sooo proud of herself! What a doll.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Baa...Oink... Mooo... Our baby girl is turning 2!! Its time to plan!!

Rilyn's birthday is just around the corner (October) so I've GOT to start planning it! I've decided since she looooves animals we are going to have it at Old McDonald's Farm! It will be great, they have a train ride, pony rides, a petting zoo and a pool! So its PERFECT! We've scheduled it for October 3rd! So mark your calendars! I know she is going to be soooo... excited! (hehe) And since its at the farm we are going to go with a 'farm' theme for the party! Cute huh?!.. I've been looking up ideas and i thought about doing all 'farm theme' foods... like pigs n a blanket, haystacks, pig slop-py Joes,.... But Im thinking it might be easier to just do I found a store online that sells all farm theme decorations, so i have that part taken care of.....Well.. I have a couple of months to figure it out.... so I'll keep you updated!