Monday, June 8, 2009

Graduation weekend!

Our little princess had a busy weekend, Troy's graduation was Friday night and Kem's was Saturday morning. She was so excited to get to playing with her favorite cousins! Check out these cuties!
They are so adorable.
Quick funny story...
Saturday we were eating after my sister's graduation and OF COURSE my family just HAD to get on the topic of baby number 2... and while it was super hard not to crack up laughing (which would have so... given it away) I did manage to make a sweet deal with my Dad. He said he needs another grandchild and insists that its time. I said ' no Dad, are you going to pay my health insurance deductible?..Because I cant.' And guess what?..He said he was ready to write me a check today...I almost took him up on his offer, I did have my picture of Tadpole in my purse for proof! But I decided to let it slide this time, poor Papoo doesnt know what he was getting himself into!LOL :)
I'm beginning to think everyone already knows.... it seems this is all people talk about! When are yall going to have another one?... Rilyn needs a brother or sister... If people wouldn't bug us about it this just might be easier to keep a secret!
Well at the end of this week we will officially be 3 months!
So... 2 more to go, until we tell!