Friday, June 12, 2009

8 Weeks left! Sooo close!

Well we have managed to keep this a secret for 3 months! WOW! I know, your impressed! It hasn't been the easiest thing, we just try to keep our mind off of it and maybe it wont be so hard. We have 8 weeks until we find out what we are having.... this is going to be the longest eight weeks of my life! There have been many times where we have really, really wanted to tell BUT I'm glad we haven't. :) We're hoping it going to be a big shocker when we tell! (Not that kind of shocker Robin, get your mind out of the Anyway, there ARE a few people that we have trusted with this secret! Don't be mad, we had to tell someone! You know I cant keep a secret.. completely. Amanda, Brandy, Leah, and of course Rilyn (buts she wont tell, we made her promise) So HA!! :) Arnt they special...:)

I know, your probably mad it wasn't you... I thought about telling our parents and making them keep it a secret BUT Josh said no, he said our parents have too big of a mouth and they wouldn't keep it a secret. (and I kind of believe it) So, its all Big Daddy's fault.

Anyway, I'm finished blabbing for today, I've got work to do, yes WORK! Adios!