Tuesday, May 26, 2009


OK, so Sunday we went to my lovely mother-n-laws house to visit with the family... Rachel, Adam, and the kiddos were down, so I got to spend time with my favorite nieces...and I was in the living room with all the kiddos and physic Robin and I said to her" I don't know why, but these kids are driving me crazy today". She said, " your pregnant!" It seriously took all I had not to crack up laughing! So, I said "nope, impossible, I just had my period!"(I'm such a good liar hehe) So, after the feeling of a heart attack passed, I was wondering .... does this crazy woman know?.. Do I have the pregnant glow?, I mean, I know I was having a great hair day, but I had no idea people would be able to tell just because I was looking especially good, they should be use to it by now.:) OR had she stumbled across my blog!?..........nah.