Monday, May 4, 2009

Our Little Beauty Queen!

Well this year is flying by.

We have one more pageant this year to do then I guess Rilyn can relax. :) Actually believe it or not she loves doing pageants. When she gets on stage... she is a HAM! Smiling, blowing kisses, waving.... she loves the attention! So far she has 11 trophies, 5 crowns, and too many sashes! A couple of the trophies are taller than her! I guess we need to get with Paul about adding on a trophy room.


Anyway, we have one more pageant in June. I'm sort of happy, because they cost! We could of paid for her college by now! J/K... As long as she has a good time and enjoys the pageants we will continue to do them! And no matter what Mr Joshua Ronald Long says, he likes them too. I think he gets more excited about her winning than anyone of us! The first 3 pageants she placed first runner up, (2ND place) good, huh?...

Nope, daddy was heart-broken! Of course HIS little girl should of won..... he told me I need to work with her more! How do you work with a 1 yr old?... So, I told him if we have a boy next him and Ryker ( I like that name, Josh HATES it.) can just stay at home and do boys stuff... he said 'no, I'm not missing any of Rilyn's pageants'... So, guys I think we have a pageant dad on our hands. lol.. Hes adorable.