Monday, May 4, 2009


Ok, so I guess I'm becoming a little obsessed with this blog thing.... 3 in one day! Wow, I'm a blogging machine! After this, I really do actually have to work, for once. :)

So, I know its early but we are already arguing about a name! Although josh cant come up with any names (besides, jawanaman, and that just cracked him up!) , he hates the names I pick..... We already have a girls name picked : Raleigh Elise Long :) Pretty huh?... But we are in a feud about a boy name! (Lets just hope its a girl:)) I loooove Ryker for a boy.. and I'm hoping it will grow on josh. :) I also like Rory too. He wants the middle name to be Dee... so its only fair if he picks the middle name I get to pick the first name, right?....Of course I will get to fill out the birth certificate sooo... it is ultimately up to me :) I just dont want joshy to throw a mantrum in the hospital! So, for now, until josh can help me come up with a name... it will be Ryker. :)Ssssh! dont tell him! :)