My girl is growing up- the makeup bag.

This past weekend we celebrated Rilyn turning eleven. My sweet oldest turned ELEVEN, ya'll! And #1 on her birthday wish list was (more) makeup. And boy did she rack up! She got tons of makeup, accessories, bags, brushes... you name it. While she was organizing her loot she asked me if she could make a small makeup bag (like mine) and keep in my car (like I do). And I was like, "duh, why you even asking aren't you like eleven now?" This Monday as we were leaving the house to load the car for school I spotted her with a small duffle. And I'm all like, "hey girl, you moving out or somethin'?" And she's all like, "OMG mom, what are you talking about?"
"Are you spending the night with a friend?" I questioned. She giggled.
I'm like, "girl! You think that makeup bag is big enough?"
"Its just my essentials!" she exclaimed. Then she began to introduce me to things I know NOTHING about. You guys know I wear the basics a…

Yummy Pumpkin Crumb Bars!

I spotted Mix and Match Mama's Pumpkin bars and knew I had to make them!

However, when I ran in to my local Dollar General they didn't quite have all the ingredients so I improvised and they turned out amazing!
These bars are DELICIOUS and scream FALL!  PERFECT for breakfast or dessert!
Here’s what you’ll need:
1 Boxed carrot cake Mix
1 15oz can of pumpkin purée 
3 eggs
2 cups of quick oats
1 cup of oil.
And it doesn’t get much easier than mixing all of the above great ingredients together and spreading it in a greased 9 x 13 pan bake it for 30 minutes at 350•. 
Let cool for about 15 minutes before you cut them.
 And for an even sweeter treat whisk up some milk powdered sugar and a splash of vanilla in a sauce pan and pour over top!
I literally cannot quit eating them!


Let me tell about this super delicious EASY roast recipe! If you've followed any of my recipes at all you know I only deal with easy recipes. I am not one to get home after working all dang day and pull 17 items out of my pantry to whip something good for my family up. #nope So, over the years I have mastered semi-home cooked meals! HA! This one is packed FULL of flavor and super-duper easy! Here is what you'll need: A roast.

One packet of Au Jus Gravy.
Two packs of l Brown Gravy mix
Seriously how easy is that!? Here's what I do- I add my roast to my crockpot and liberally season both sides with these seasonings:

After my roast is seasoned I mix all three of  my gravy packets in a separate bowl with 4 cups of water and pour it over the roast and simmer it on low for 5-6 hours. Now, when I get home I add a can of green beans and carrots (drained of course). I prefer to cook this with fresh veggies, but lets be real... I don't always have them on hand. And cook for …

Ryker {3 years old}

Oh, Ryker.... I can’t deal with you, kid. Ryker walks in the bathroom on Josh peeing and yells, “dad, why are you holding your little tiny baby pecka?!” Poor Josh.

LIFE LATELY {OCT 12, 2018)

Here is a peek into Life in the Long House: What we're eating this week:

Monday: Breakfast for dinner! Quiche, roasted hash browns and mini pancakes! 
Tuesday: Spaghetti.
Wednesday: We had a BUSY night! Raigen has practice and we all had church until about 8ish.  We eat out almost every Wednesday.
Thursday: Raigen has practice, again, so I am throwing something easy in the crockpot- taco soup! (I browned a bunch of hamburger meat last week, separated it, and froze it for busy nights like this! So I will be able to dump it all in the crockpot when I pick up Ryker after work and it will be waiting on us when we get home!
Friday: Pizza night!

What I'm Reminiscing About:

My boys popping up on Time-hop... where does time go?

Also- Rilyn's Epic Birthday Sleepover last year:

Feed your faith, not your fears. {My Friend has breast cancer.}

We've been wearing a lot of pink in our house lately because recently a close friend of mine was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
My good, good friend, child's teacher, mother-of-three, wife to our children's pastor, and my own personal (as I like to jokingly refer to her as) spiritual advisor has breast cancer.
How could my friend. My Jesus-loving friend be diagnosed with breast cancer?

As Christians, most of us tend to think, somehow, that major trials will never come to our own door, and then they do come, and we are given a choice of whether we will keep trusting God or whether we will allow the trials to undo us.  D'Ann is continuing to show everyone that her hope is in Christ.
When I found out about her diagnosis I began to reflect on Jesus and what the bible says and I was thinking  about a passage in the Bible from the book of James that says for us to “consider it pure joy when encounter various trials because the testing of our faith develops perseverance” (James 1:2